Monday, March 14, 2005

Testimony:Spiritual victory in HSM room

 GEEZ1951A [7:41 PM]:  (I wanted to get back the Hsm room)... Friday ... God said to me not by might not by  power but by my Spirit sayeth the LORD
Superragman [7:42 PM]:  Amen
Superragman [7:42 PM]:   You listened
GEEZ1951A [7:42 PM]:  so I spent  3 days showing them the Love of Jesus   wow it was awesome
GEEZ1951A [7:43 PM]:  anyway this evening I finally lost faith and was just about to (quit) when  God said look what I have done  so I looked and there was the room in God's control again
GEEZ1951A [7:43 PM]:  Praise his  Holy Precious name Jesus
Superragman [7:46 PM]:  AWESOME

Superragman [7:47 PM]:  how long did you pray?
GEEZ1951A [7:47 PM]:  while I was there many brothers and sisters came in and said I was in the wrong room

GEEZ1951A [7:48 PM]:  one day I read Psalms to them for about 10 hours
GEEZ1951A [7:48 PM]:  another day for a few hours
Superragman [7:48 PM]:  lol

GEEZ1951A [7:49 PM]:  then Hollie Bear started to kick me out and I would just change to a new name and go in and say  Hi did you know Jesus died for you and he Loves you so much and so do I

Superragman [7:50 PM]:  some of their own medicine,( in coming again with a new name) 
GEEZ1951A [7:50 PM]:  was a Blessed experience  I  saw God do so  much there 
Superragman [7:50 PM]:  yes the word
Superragman [7:50 PM]:   not strife
GEEZ1951A [7:50 PM]:  I saw God do so much there and as he says my word will not return void amen
Superragman [7:51 PM]:  amen
GEEZ1951A [7:51 PM]:  you would not believe how peaceful it was in there Friday
GEEZ1951A [7:51 PM]:  me and all the unbelievers and the word of God
GEEZ1951A [7:51 PM]:  they would curse and I would bless
GEEZ1951A [7:52 PM]:  by late in the evening Friday they wanted to talk to me like a person
GEEZ1951A [7:53 PM]:  God was moving so  much Avi came in and he came under the power of the Holy Spirit and they let him stay and praise God also
GEEZ1951A [7:53 PM]:  was awesome to watch his spirit move
Superragman [7:54 PM]:  yes , may I share this in the journal?GEEZ1951A [7:56 PM]:  Good night Gary may God keep and watch over you his faithful servant, (yes you may share it.)

Superragman [7:56 PM]:  Thanks for your testimony

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