Friday, March 4, 2005

Just thoughts

How blessed it is to be a child of God, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. What more can we want?

 He is my life, my breath my reason for living. Shall I not serve him with all my heart? He is worthy of all honor and praise. I come willingly, touching his feet, pierced for me. How great a love is this, that my savior would die for me. Praise be to the Father who gave Jesus power, power that he had before, but had laid aside, power to rise from the grave. That power was shared by the Father and the Holy Ghost. All were willing and so able to bring forth the body of Jesus Christ into new eternal life. A body that was seen and heard and touched, a new body without pain, a body that satan could not touch. A body that made the guards at the tomb retreat in fear as the angel rolled back the stone. Dead man walking? No, it was the alive son of man walking. Glory, Haleluia, Jesus is alive , He is alive forever more and because he lives I live.

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