Friday, March 11, 2005

Eaglewings Ministries

 I want you all to use the resources here and to develop your own ministries. Let me know if you have online ministries or Newsletters, or just share with me and the group what you are doing. We want to encourage the body of Christ and bring many to him. While I am at it, let me introduce to you the several parts of Eaglewings Ministries which began as Grace chatroom, a Bible study room on New Years Eve, 1998.

  Grace4U2 is our Friday night Bible study. We now are starting 2Timothy. It meets each Friday at 11pm est  

Eaglewings Daily Bible  Is the online version of the Eaglewings Daily Bible. It has a picture and music added. This is for those who are not on AOL or who wish to go there each day.  

 Eaglewings Journal  This is our newest ministry on AOL. It was designed to share insights and encouragement in a blog type format, which means you can comment on what is there.  

Eaglewings Ministries  This is our Home page or index page. This states our ministry purpose and lists all the ministry parts and has some Bible studies. You can reach this sight off of AOL by writing on your address screen. Our purpose is to find the lost and bring them to Jesus. Also we want to disciple them with the word of God.  

Eaglewings Topical Bible Studies These are various Bible topics from our Bible studies.  

Eaglewings New Testament Studies  These are through the Bible studies of most of the New Testament, from our Eaglewings online studies.  

Eaglewings Testimonies You should enjoy these personal testimonies. Several of our members have contributed to this powerful site. Two testimonies were from people who found Jesus just before going into eternity. Is this ministry important? Yes, it is, it is the Lord's work.  

Eaglewings Prayers Yes, we even have a prayer site. Would anyone like to keep us informed of member prayer needs? If so contact me.  

I hope you will get the vision of Eaglewings Ministries. In God's love and Grace. Gary (Superragman)

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