Tuesday, March 1, 2005

The Greatest Gift (by Jesse Thomas age 10)

  Hey brothers and sis... the following was written tonight, by my youngest son Jesse ( Jesse means 'a gift of God'-'God is Real') he wanted to write a poem, for xtra credit at school, and said he was going to title it...'The Greatest Gift' , I asked him, what is the greatest gift to him...he said, JESUS...and went in his room, with hardly any help at all, and wrote this~~~>

  There is a gift that's not wrapped beautifully and placed beneath a tree... Not either is this gift expensive, it's priceless, yet it's free... It's a gift thats far more priceless than the purest chain of Gold, it's recieved not just by young, but old. It's a gift that never gets old, it's discovered fresh and new. A gift that's not forgotten after a year or two...A gift that never can be bought by riches or great price. A gift thats only paid by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ... and this gift that God has given, is Salvation; full and free and when you see Him in the clouds, He is there for You and Me. Jesus is the greatest gift, you will ever recieve!  

 I am in tears sitting here typing this to you...this poem from my childs hand...God is Great...WOW!!!     As soon as I read this, I knew I had to share with my family...Love U guys!!   In His Grace just me (Merry) and Jesse

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