Wednesday, March 30, 2005

little black demon dog

SC writes:  

That tiny little dog barked incessantly at Scooter and charged at him bravely. I expected Scooter to grab him by the neck and shake him vigorously to teach him to leave him alone. I knew he was well able to do that, but instead  my big, brave dog gave up the battle before it even began! He hung his head in a cowardly fashion and rolled over and surrendered. That little dog went around him barking as though he was giving orders never to come that way again!     I was so shocked!     I was devastated to think that a little dog had overpowered my big courageous dog.

I have a similar story. Our church has a few acres around it, and I love to walk in the field before or after church to pray and be alone in the wide space. At one end of the field, about 200 yards away is a home. A family moved in with a little black dog. That silly dog would come running barking and snarling at me. It broke the peace that I had. He was a dog from hell he would circle and charge in, it made my heart pound. The little dog had a small boy who sometimes would come for it, calling him retarded. It was only a little dog, but loud and it certainly took away the peace of praying in that field.   One young girl in our church was an aggressive Tomboy. She would see the dog coming and run towards it, the dog would bark but retreat. I did not go out in that field to chase a silly black dog, I went out there for peace and reflection. While the dog was there, I avoided the field, what's the use? Perhaps this big black dog was trying to keep the peace too?   Above all else I see our walk with Jesus as one of peace. There is a time to fight the enemy, perhaps in witnessing or Bible study, but I do not go where I know he waits to steal away my peace. Think about places that will remove your peace and avoid them. I do not want to lose the peace I have in Jesus.


dixiedaisy815 said...

Yes, I can relate to this.  I have a little yapper that seems to boss around the next door neighbor's hugh black Lab, but on closer scrutiny, I have found that the big black Lab loves to play up and down the fence with my little Pom.  She will just lie down and roll over our of an amazing love and to keep peace, I assume, because that hugh animal could put my yapper's head in her mouth in one gulp.

Got to thinking about that.  God put that love in that big dog for a purpose.  Wonder if He has done the same for us?  Jesus has told us to love our enemies and to do good to those that despitefully use us.  He has instructed us in this way for a reason also.  Maybe by showing our enemies love, it will confound them and draw them closer to what we know:  Jesus and His Peace.

Sometimes, our pets can teach us things also, huh?

Walk in love,

superragman said...

Thanks for your comment about your pom and the black lab. Yes it is about spirits and love and peace. Perhaps the big dog showed grace? I had a friend who retired, a librarian, a gentle English looking lady always quite proper. She moved out into the meadows below a mountain where swales? or small streams ran through the land. She had a small cabin as her retirement place. She had a precious "corgy" dog that was her companion. One day a St Bernard from another distant cabin came by and chewed up her precious dog. From that time on she lived in fear. She bought a revolver and was on a constant watch. Her dream place became a place of fear...We must not let fear rule us, for we are of God. This isn't heaven yet, praise God for the times of peace that we do enjoy.