Saturday, March 12, 2005

Re: Prophet in the flesh

 It's like U said, it's easy 2 get caught up in struggles & 4get about what God has already done 4 us.... I can look back & C things that once seemed almost impossible 2 overcome, now really not even thought of.... How can something be such a burden of hinderence that it "seems" impossible 2 overcome & now it has been overcome & isn't given much thought?.... 1st of all, 1 overcomes such things b/c of God.... It was the grace, mercy, & power of God that allowed me 2 overcome such a thing.... Now comes the question which no1 wants 2 answer.... How do I get so caught up in 2days struggles that I almost 4get about such an amazing miracle.... Simple, distraction from the enemy.... Allowing Satan 2 decieve & distract.... We must press foward yet never 4get God's Grace & love shown toward us.... Looking back & realizing how far we've come, only b/c of God, we should smile in the face of trials.... Counting it all joy, knowing we have more endurance b/c of such things & surely when we overcome what we currently R facing, we shall have even more endurance.... May God Bless U as U seek HIM 1st.... Adrian  

Good thoughts. Another thing I see that is needful is to have good friends in the faith who encourage and minister to you. John still had his disciples although he pointed them to Jesus when he was by the Jordan. This makes me wonder about disciples. Some are very critical of their Pastor or teacher while others are so devoted that when he leaves they do not follow Christ. They were disciples of the man who was pointing them to Jesus, but never followed Jesus on their own. The ideal disciple benefits from the Pastor or teachers, but follows Jesus and worships God the Father through the Holy Spirit. A Pastor or teacher should try to make disciples of Jesus, not to make disciples of themselves. Gary

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