Saturday, March 12, 2005

re: Discipleship

Gary:  I read and approve of your dissertation on discipleship in answer to Adrian.Some of the apostles probably had disciples, but I wanted to add that Paul did not.  He is often quoted as having said "But be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ", whereas the word translated follower from the original Greek is "Mimitai", which actually is "Imitator", and the Hebrew rendition is the same, the implication being that we should imitate the way Paul imitates Christ, not follows Him, and not followers of Paul.  Gary, the connotation here may be minimal, and if you think it is and I'm cutting corners too sharply, please disregard it. Lucky Haven of Hope

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dixiedaisy815 said...

I believe that Gary had in mind ppl like myself that became so dependant on the person that led me to realize I was wasting my life that if it had not been for the love of my Lord Jesus which I found in His Word and alone in my closet, I wud b lost today.  I do love the one that had the patience to teach and guide me to the point that I could stand alone to follow our Lord.  At that time, I wrote:


If you are a new child of God and just learning
And you realize that you are really a beginner
Then you might find yourself always yearning
For the one who helped you know you were a sinner.

If Someone comes along and fills your heart to overflowing
And your spirit soars above and everything is new.
Be careful and watch that this love does not keep growing.
For it could depart just as fast as it slipped up on you.

There are times it can become hard to determine the difference
Between the love of man and the love of God, Himself.
But, if you question, look in His Word and I make reference
To the oldest book you have up there on your shelf.

In the Holy Bible, you can find the Lord Jesus,
Because He is thoroughly entrenched within that book.
The words He has for you in thefre will feed you,
And it will have all the answers for which you look.

Just keep in mind, only He has all the answers.
He can take your hand and lead you in your night.
No man can help lead you in your darkness,
For it is Jesus Christ, Son of God, that is the light.

When you find your eye has wavered from Lord Jesus
And you're becoming more dependant on the rock you can see,
Allow the Spirit of God do the work for which He was sent us.
Then let your rock be the stepping stone as one was for me.

May we all grow in His grace as we walk in love.