Sunday, April 17, 2005

Who do we please?

Death upon the
Cross was the most disgraceful way to die at the time.  This appealed greatly
to the Pharisees as they hoped His crucifixion would sink His reputation
forever and put an indelible black mark upon His name.

We humans are masters at ignoring our own sin, especially if there’s someone
else at whom we can point the finger.  We certainly see that attribute in the
Pharisees.  But what about ourselves? (Jeff Myers)  

To point out anothers sins or to try to make another look bad, from poitical motives is certainly a politicians way of doing things. We are not politicians but ambassadors. I personally must hold back my anger at times when I see blasphemy, arrogance, foolish thoughts; but we are not to be the wrath of God. I must step away. He came to give life, not to take away hope. Even in death, (on the cross) he consistantly showed grace.  Seeing Paul near death in 2 Tim, we see how he was hurt and abandoned, but a few remained by him, faithful. Are we wanting power from the world? Are we wanting many to follow us, then be will be like the world. Jesus and Paul were almost left alone in death, yet they were in the Father's will.  He is who we want to please. He made us, called us, equipped us and will receive us....Gary

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