Friday, April 22, 2005

Dog and cat under one master

We're neither a cat or a dog, but many times like a cat, we want God 2 serve us, rather than serving God like a dog serves it's Master.... If U have ever owned a dog, U probably know, they find great joy being in the presence of their Master & they love serving their Master.... Cats also love 2 be in the presence of their Master, but I don't believe I've ever seen a cat serve anything, except a few dead animals near the steps as presents....
LOL, thats right. It is true that they get along under a master. I had a terrier/poodle mixture dog and a black cat that my son call Jack Sprat...until Jack had kittens. Then we named her Jackie. The cat slept on the mop haired dog we called Buffy. We would take Buffy to the dog groomer, who changed his long haired mop into a poodle cut with a ribbon. Buffy when placed in the back yard would come running to Jackie and Jackie backed away...Who is that? A poodle hair cut is short and strange looking.   We no longer have cats and dogs. Our cat died last month, a Siamese. It would scratch on the screen door even would climb it until we let it in. Then it would take its time walking through the door. We would say "Elvis is in the building." He demanded attention. My wife loved him, but he rarely would go to her, I fed him, so he followed me. If I was outside in bare feet he would come to me and rub his head on my feet, purring. It reminded me of the woman who broke the alabaster box and rubbed the feet of Jesus with her hair. That cat would only show affection to me. My wife had a colorful afghan, that she knitted that she laid at her feet. The cat loved that afghan, so that's how she got the cat to come and lay at her feet. Faye crochets maybe 50 afghans a year, many sizes and colors. Most she takes to the church to be blessed, then we gives them to the old people in the various care homes.

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dixiedaisy815 said...

liked this entry.  It is so easy to relate to in my own life.  I have a precious little yapper that is half Pom and half long haired Chi.  She is a very intelligent little dog and has trained us humans very well.  She comes to me to tell me when it is time to go to bed (she thinks anyway).  She comes in front of me and just sits up and looks at me with those big dark eyes when she wants something and I have to ask her what she wants.  I name it and she barks and lets me know I have guessed it.

When I give her what she has asked for, whether it be to go outdoors, food, water, or a treat, she is ready to play ball with me.  I do not know if it is my reward, her playing with me or if I am rewarding her by playing with her.   This made me think of our Lord Jesus when we love Him and praise Him for all the good things He gives us.  Are we rewarding Him or is He rewarding us when this love is exchanged.  I do know that when she comes to me and licks (kisses) my feet wanting something that she reminds me of myself and the way I go to my Lord Jesus when I want.

Anyway, I do believe that cats do a lot for us humans.  They are cute and fun, that is true.  But, they serve us also.  If anyone has ever lived on a farm, I believe they have found that a cat is great to have around.  Mice live in the fields in their nests in the summer, but when the fall comes, they get into the house and anywhere else they can find shelter.  A cat can keep very busy keeping them out of the house.  And, a good mouser is proud of her work also.  Only trouble is when they get so proud that they want to show U the snake they caught before the thing is dead.  Wow.