Sunday, April 3, 2005

Our Covering

  I returned from a day of work, it was now in the night. Peace and calm were in the air as I drove to our nearby park. I wanted to be alone with God to thank him for covering me up. He covers my failures and makes things turn out good. Our mistakes. our errors in judgement, our shorter and shorter memory. He reminds me of things overlooked or left undone. He is there to strengthen me and carry my burdens; to inspire, to pull me through difficult places; He is my Comforter.  

I stumbled in the night down a rooted embankment to the rocks by the quiet river. As I looked across the moving waters in the light from a distant park light, suddenly a flash of lightening brought my attention to a distant storm. The quiet, calm, pleasant evening was alive by distant flashes, as if the Lord were saying, "I am here, I am here," the light that overcomes the darkness. The light of remembrance of past storms, past failings, past regrets, always covered by His grace. The distant lights changed positions, God is not always in one place, he moves about, but always near. Lord I want to know your presence always. In the dim light of the river last night I saw an owl, a large bird flying from across the river, above, into a  tree. There is life, movement, shelter. I prayed prayers of thanksgiving and praise and then returned to the car. At last I was home, greeted by welcome home and the much needed words; "I prayed for you that all would go well." Yes, all is well the Lord covers us with His presence, his strength, His love.  

When the night comes when we shall fly across the river to our new home? Angels guide us, we are not forgotten, we are not alone. No, never are we alone. Pain, sorrows, mistakes of the past are left behind on that night we meet our Lord, across the river in that distant light, now our home. I hear his voice; "I prayed for you, welcome home."  

Until then, continue in His love, Gary

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dixiedaisy815 said...

When U cross that bridge over that river to your mansion that has been prepared for U, I believe that U will hear a thunderous voice say, "Welcome home, My good and faithful servant."  It will not whisper, It will be loud enuf for all the world to hear.  

May U walk in love til then.