Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mountain top

 In time of trials of running from those who pursue, go to the mountain for prayer, alone above it all, only the stars above.

I have done this before and it works.  I had not mountain so I went into the forest and pretended it was on my mountain.  I got my answer also.  He spoke clearly into my mind and I will never forget those words or His instructions.  Thank You, Father God.  

 I don't know where U live, but I found a mountain once in Tucson, AZ that, when I got almost to the top, I went out on the rocks and looked down and realized why Jesus went up on the mountain to speak to God.  When up there, one can look out and put everything into perspective.  We go about our hurried lives and the world, our world, revolves around us. We do not see much else from that viewpoint.  But, up on the mountain looking down, one can see that our individual world is a very small world in relation to the whole.  I could just picture Jesus up there looking down and the devil telling Him that he could have all of that and more, if He wud just worship him.   

 Looking down there and realizing how small I was compared to the world was very humbling and I did feel closer to God, our Creator.  It was refreshing and takes away our self righteousness and creates a deep feeling of appreciation. Appreciation for the way that our Father God loves us and does for us. It is amazing that a Creator that can create all of that can care about us at all.  Wow.  Makes me look forward to heaven even more realizing that if He can make things like we have here now...what will b waiting for us in heaven.  I cannot even imagine.   

 I would love to go back to be able to pray up on that mountain, but will thank my Father for the sand hill where I live in the summer in northern Michigan.  It is peaceful there by the forest and one can see many signs of God there.  I look forward to the spring and being able to go back up there.  But, I look forward to Jesus return even more. 

  It has been wonderful sitting here pondering on all these things.  I pray that ur mountaintop is as beautiful as that one on Mt. Lemon was.   Walk in love Daisy  

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