Friday, February 25, 2005

Mountain top prayer (Elder EagleBear Allan)

Super ! enjoyed this message on the mountain top prayer. It reminds me of a place our council goes at time overnite build a fire pray for  the ground we stand on to be holy ground, pray for healing, leadership,forgiveness of sin, top of tellico overlooking  where TRAIL OF TEARS  goes by -- pull up on line if you dont know what it is-- I will pray for great portion of spirit of god to be poured on you tonite, may you be richly blessed spirit warrior (super] Eagle   A beautiful place and a sacred place to meet. God meets you there and he answers your prayers of faith. Many are led to our God through a trail of tears.  

Let me share with you a poem of tears written by Sarah. Sarah was the first person that I led to Jesus on the Internet. She was in a very bad home, but God brought her out. Last I heard of her she was having surgery and was a skeleton in frame. She made it through the surgery ok, but I have not heard from her since last May. She loved our family, I had asked her to live with us, but from so much evil given to her she was afraid to bring bad spirits that follow her. I told her that God's angels surround us and we have his Holy Spirit in our heart... tears   warrior

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