Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not forgiven?

if your not forgiven then you lose the promise of eternal life???????
Sounds serious doesn't it? Jesus helps us to forgive, but, that don't mean the people we forgive are forgiven by God. They must face him.
From Matthew study in Eaglewings...
Debtors, in that we have sinned against one another. God's moral justice holds us accountable when we break God's laws. Only Jesus never broke a law of God, so all are debtors. Those forgiven in Jesus are free, but are not free to accuse another, for all are sinners by nature. Jesus has forgiven us so we must forgive others. If we do not forgive, he will withhold our forgiveness.
God's justice would make us all under the penalty of sin, if it were not for Jesus. We receive mercy and grace, not his justice and punishment. Because of this we should forgive others as we have been forgiven. Once again, we do it because we love Him and want to please him...Gary

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