Sunday, January 16, 2005

Re:Practice what we preach

Yes we are to do the things that we preach or learn. Learning is changed behavior. When we are less than Jesus wants, his name is maligned because of our failings. The world looks for inconsistencies seeking some proof that we are false and hypocrits.   Gods word spoken in love from a person who is not an offense in his actions will be as the light and the salt. The world needs salt and light. The strange thing is, when we are sometimes afraid to speak of sin in hell. These are absolutes that give meaning to life. Jesus is the way to life, the life giver. When I returned to the church after an absence of 8 years, many years ago. It was the preaching of the word, the absolutes, sin and salvation, repentance and grace, these gave me a great security. At last I knew the source of all truth, it is written in the Bible, all true, the living word of God...Gary

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