Saturday, January 1, 2005

Re: One God?

    umm? can i ask questions about this? well im gunna and if u dont want to answer its ok . ..u say theres only one god right? well my papa  is indian and when we go to the rezervation , he tells me of the spirit ofthe waters aand different things .. are the spirits he talks about concidered gods?... and when uncle died his funeral was on the rezervation and papa bill told me that the spirits keep him with us for one year,then the next year we go to the grave and let his spirit go.... so are there these spirits?..imconfused .like i said u dont have to answer if u dont want to or dont feel like it ...


There is one true God, his spirit is on earth doing good. If these the Indians refer to are good? It is God's Holy Spirit. Do not be angry with me, but many peoples worship spirits and have traditions about these. Some are fallen angels, not serving God, but under satan's authority. We never leave the truth of God as explained in the Bible, for "other" spirits and gods. We know the truth. Is your dad a true worshipper of God? Is his life controlled by God's Holy Spirit?  Some churches have traditions of man, that are not in the Bible. The word of God is true. Jesus is the way to God...Gary

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