Tuesday, January 11, 2005

All is Forgiven...they are no more ( from Lucky )

 Recalling that Neil Anderson missive last week on forgiveness, I believe he was pretty much right.  If I remember right, he suggested it is a sin to recall past sins that God has forgiven.  When we repent, God erases those sins right up to the moment of repentance.  Forgiveness occurs in that second, and if you ask forgiveness again you're asking forgiveness for something that does not exist.  We sin daily, and we keep those sins covered and erased, even in a busy schedule or atmosphere.  I think anyone who walks with the Lord is aware when any sin has occurred, be it even a thought, but even if he doesn't know he Sinned, he can keep it covered by his daily walk with jesus.  I dont think you can be in conversation with God, or being used by the Holy Spirit, and slip unawares.  Some people make such a big thing out of forgiveness, when Jesus made it so simple when He said whosoever cometh to the father by Me hath everlastng life.  The precious blood of Jesus blotted out our sins when we accepted him as personal Savior, and if you have the Holy Spirit, he will qicken you when something occurs that is not pleasing to God, and you can deal with it that very moment, and retain that closeness to Jesus. .............Past sins are an awful load, and I simply refuse to be controlled or manipulated by anyone but Jesus.  Lucky

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