Saturday, January 22, 2005

Re: More on prosperity and the role of women (Lianne)

I agree with you and the Scripture you quoted. I have every comfort that a person could desire, all because the Lord God is supplying all my needs in Christ Jesus, Yet money is very limited in my income.

As far as the position of women in the economy of God's kingdom goes, their position is as valuable as that of the man, never the less she is not to be as the man.
Both have a proper place before God, and each should be content therein. In teaching the position of the woman in the economy of God as being under that of the man is not derogatory, but is just explaining her place as the handmaiden of the Lord God, performing those things that God expects of her.  Men are to love their wives as they love themselves. This places them on the same intellectual plain as the man, yet filling a different position in the Lord, and the family on earth,

Keep your faith, for you are beloved in the Lord Jesus.   Hiram

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goodshepherd33 said...

I agree with Gary our nation and our children are suffering the aftermath of children being raised in day care centers, many being left home alone with no supervison. A woman's place is indeed in the home teaching her children and supporting her husband in all things.  Had my own mother been allowed to stay home with us eight kids, perhaps we all would have gone to church and learned of the Lord when young. Our childhood was hard and God was unknown to all of us. Most have found the Lord in our later years, some still searching.  Sorrow lays heavy on my husband and my hearts.  Our six kids were not given a solid foundtion to stand on in the Lord. We recently asked forgiveness from each one of them for failing to do this for them.  Three are saved, three are not.  You can have the best family, teach all the right things, plenty of love passed around, but without God in the family?  All for naught.
Thank you Gary for this beautiful lesson soo needed.  Scripture shows clearly the place God meant woman to be in the world.