Thursday, January 6, 2005

Re: 47 yrs in prison for preaching in public

Afa petitions sent me an email about this, it's digusting.... This country was founded on Gods Word & it's b/c of Gods Grace & the prayers of Christians that this country has been so productive & been looked after so well.... May all Christians stand up & be willing 2 do whatever it takes 2 speak & walk the Truth.... We'll be held accountable 4 letting these things happen silently, we've been given the authority.... Thanks 4 sharing the email.... Adrian  

Yes, it is because we were not living in the authority we were given that satan has taken so much from us. Well? If they do not want Jesus in public? We go to the street corners...Gary 

  Amen Brother Gary.... That's what I'm talking about.... Take IT 2 the back yards.... Take IT 2 the corners.... Take the Word of God 2 individuals & be consistent.... Walk in the authority & show love as we speak absolute Truth.... Don't just believe Gods Word, know it so much that it's fact & w/o a doubt, True.... Be convinced & show that by living righteously.... We must street preach.... That's what God has me wanting 2 do.... Take HIS Word 2 people.... We aint got time 2 wait on others 2 come 2 us, nor do we got time 2 worry about these petty laws that R trying 2 sway us.... Now is the time.... The Disciples spoke reguardless of the consequences, most of all, our example, Jesus did this as well.... Obedience is key.... I will say I've been very blessed w/a Godly location.... There's many God loving folks down here in Aiken SC.... I occassionally read our local newspaper & there's write ups where people have written in talking about Jesus & HIS Word.... I'm happy 2 know they still print the Truth from time 2 time.... Though all this is going on, there's still much work 2 be done around here & many need 2 hear the Truth directly.... While I'm thinking about it, I wanna encourage U as I've tried 2 encourage others, we need 2 be praying 4 the Election in 08'.... I'm not talking about worrying about the election & dwelling on the future, I'm talking about preparation & commitment.... Many of us, including me, have waited till months be4 the election & then tried 2 be super obedient & pray all the time.... No no No.... It's now.... We gotta follow 2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. ".... I love what this sais.... God said, "If who?.... "My people".... Yes Brother Gary, I say this puts the responsibility on Gods people.... That's us.... The shape of our world is on us, b/c God has given us this authority, but many times we allow Satan 2 side track us & so on.... I'm guilty of this, but thank God, I'm encouraged by negativity & when I hear things like this incident w/those being jailed 4 speaking Truth in PA, I get motivated 2 step up & really seek God.... I know it should't be like that exactly, but God does use things 2 lead us closer 2 HIM.... I pray that I stay constant, b/c we need those who love Jesus 2 step up.... We know Jesus said, if U love me, U'll obey me.... It's been spoken, & the rest is on us 2 obey.... May God bless us w/the courage, strength, determination, & willingness 2 share the Truth & may the words spoken be the Word of God.... From the internet 2 the inner streets, we must speak Gods Word w/authority.... Adrian 

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