Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Biblical Healing

Amen Brother Gary.... I definately believe in the process of renewing the mind.... Repentance, going back & repenting 4 sins that U may have never repented 4.... I'm not talking about worrying about the past & getting in2 legalism, I'm talking about acknowledging the Truth & repenting 4 that which U've done 2 offend God.... Meaning taking responsibility & that's difficult when U don't even take time 2 recognize the sins which U've commited.... I'm not perfect & I have yet 2 think about all the sins which I've committed, but I do believe we should take more time 2 repent than just saying, Dear Father, I pray that U 4give me 4 all of my sins.... I understand praying that as U accept Jesus & even @ other times, but 2 accept responsibility, I believe it helps 2 be aware of what you're asking 4giveness 4.... U may be thinking, U'll never know every sin U've committed.... 1 thing is 4 sure, if U remembered all @ once, your mind might overload.... God will never give us more than we can handle, yet I believe if we take in2 account the sins we remember & take the time 2 repent 4 those, God will be faithful in bringing 2 mind other sins 2 memory so that we can repent 4 those as well.... Hince, restoration of the mind through repentance.... Which I believe is a large part of restoring the mind.... Getting the fear out, getting out the thoughts of anger, bitterness & so on.... In 2Tim 2:24-26, it goes on 2 say,  if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his (Satan's ) will." .... We R given repentance 2 the "acknowledging of the truth & then may we recover ourselves out of the snare of the devil.... I will say turning from God is bad 4 your health, I know b/c I've done it in the past & it aint good 4 ya.... We can't reject knowledge & expect not 2 suffer some kinda consequences.... I have alot of concern 4 those sick physically, emotionally, & mentally.... I've seen God do some amazing things through understanding & applying Biblical principles 2 our lives such as 4giving others as well as repenting among other things.... 8R's 2 Freedom.... 1. Recognize the problem & the enemy.... 2. Take Responsiblity 4 what U recognize.... 3. Repent 4 your participation w/what U recognize.... 4. Renounce. Fall completely out of agreement w/your sin.... 5. Remove what is causing U 2 sin.... 6. Resist. Draw nigh 2 God & resist it comming back.... 7. Rejoice. Give God thanks 4 your freedom.... 8. Restore. Free others held captive.... I do believe there R certain spiritual issues that cause around 80% of all diseases, yet It's alot easier 2 speak of when U've spoken 2 a person & understand where they're @.... I will leave 1 ex.... Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) & BD2.... It is usually caused by 1 or more of the following.... Generational lack of self esteem, self rejection & lack of nuturing in childhood; oppression & heaviness.... The information I learned & the characteristics following were amazingly accurate when dealing w/some issues I had going on back then.... The man who founded this program grew up w/parents who were ministers & he was in school 2 become a doctor when HE was called 2 start a ministry dedicated 2 the eradiction & prevention of disease based upon Gods Word.... The man teaches strictly from the KJV, along w/the Hebrew & Greek.... I'll send U a link 2 the ministries website & I would like 2 know your thoughts on it.... It's not a large website, but it will give U a taste 4 what they believe & teach.... I know 1 thing, they always said, be like the Bereans & don't take our word 4 it, look it up in Gods Word.... Don't use our material 2 replace reading Gods Word.... They were very strong on staying in Gods Word, along w/accuracy.... I saw some amazing things while I was there & met some amazing people w/some miraculous stories of healing.... I do realize Satan can perform great signs & wonders, so I don't base my beliefs on that.... However when some1 teaches word 4 word out of the Bible & uses those teachings 2 help others live a more healthy life, I can't complain.... Believe me, though their ministry is used 2 bring healing 2 those who suffer from illnesses, they R constantly giving Jesus all the glory & they R always encouraging people 2 seek GOD 1st.... Here is the link if you're interested.... Pleasant Valley Church .... w/OUR LORD.... Adrian 

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