Tuesday, May 10, 2005

lack of faith in a storm

..I like the passage in Mark 4. Jesus was sleeping in the storm. His disciples were freaking.They thought.. Hey don't you care that we are about to die? The He rebukes the storm....He was not disturbed by the storm; but their lack of faith did disturb Him. (SC)
This bothers me too. I see times when I lack faith, looking at circumstances. One example was yesterday. It was raining buckets of water and hailing. I had an appointment outdoors with a businessman at 9AM, I called his secretary telling her I think we should cancel. He was not in his office, I was waiting for him to return the call. She cancelled the appointment, later he called and was upset with me. She cancelled the appointment because of my vision of tomorrow. Tomorrow came and it was sunshine, but I got to sleep in...lol.  One example of many, I sometimes do not see beyond the immediate storms, But, I see Jesus waiting on the shore for me, and you and all who trust in him...

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