Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Doves and God's sent creatures

 When I get back to the apartment (after door to door prayer ministry); there was a dove sitting on my gate. And it walks off a few feet but doesn't fly away. It seemed right then, that God was saying to me, "That's right. Good job today."

Yes, sent to encourage you. I had a similar incident. I had been praying by the river, a place where the water runs over high rocks making the sound of rushing waters. I left the waters and walked the trail to where a bench was. I rested and in my right ear was the sound of rushing waters (voice of God) and in the left ear was the sound of a dove. A gentle cooing. What peace there was, as if God was saying, I have heard your prayers, be at peace.  

One more story from a lady I met on the chats. She told her story of much abuse at her home in Alaska from a stepfather. She had turned 17 and said I will kill myself. She headed for the river and saw a tree that had fallen over the river. She said, I will walk out on that tree and jump in the river. She walked out on the tree trunk looked into the river and looked to the left, an eagle landed and was looking at her . She looked to the right and a bear was watching her. Yes, God sends even his animals to help us when we need him. She did not kill herself, but she came to trust in God and found Jesus as her Savior.  

Another story of a young child in a bad home in the desert. She would walk the desert feeling safer there then at home. God sent a seagull to be her companion. The bird was with her giving her much comfort until it died..   Gary

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