Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Passion, what is it?

Are we letting Christ live His life in us or are we just living our own lives?  

 I was thinking of the word passion, to me it meant doing something where heart and body are involved, but perhaps that is more like being passionate, a display of affection.  The word passion, as in the passion of Christ is about his suffering; the events leading up to the cross and his death.  

What is it to allow Christ complete control of our life?  Is it passionate service? Or is it suffering passion?  I see the need for the flesh to die so that we are connected to Jesus and new life by his Spirit. How do we know when we are living a complete and total life submitted to Christ Jesus? One thing is that the passions and lusts of the flesh must not be our focus, but if need be we are to have passion, yes even suffering as his life is poured out to others. It is not a life of public praise and applause. Not a life of being praised by men. It is a life following his ways, doing his will, even if we bless those who curse us. It is more blessed to give than to receive. He knows and sees all, he showed us be example.

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