Monday, March 13, 2006

Re: Souls for sale on EBAY

Not surprised to see someone offering their soul for sale on ebay. Many sell their soul to the devil seeking earthly power and rewards, some perhaps do this for a woman. The devil can be in a woman too.  My brother was a WW2 vet,  I see a lot of that generation who were children in the depression. They saw their folks struggle. The 50's came into growth and prosperity, whiskey and women. Playboy magazine was born about the time Billy Graham began preaching. The children of the vets, for the most part knew only prosperity, a spoiled generation. They saw God only as "the old man upstairs" their dad was too busy making money, drinking and trying to please and or to chase women. The "Boomers" dropped "the Christian religion" that really was sort of tradition... The Vietnam war, put rebellion into the hearts of many who were receiving low cost college educations provided by their fathers. They threw out Billy Graham and kept Hugh Hefner, adding many new porn magazines and not only whiskey, but they added drugs and used the slogan "make love not war."  They had already lost the war that was taking place for their souls. Instead of Christian values they became pleasure seekers and seekers of strange mystical religions, powered by drug use, the demons from the drugs, powered their "New age" spirituality. This was the age of aquarius. Nude movies, vile language...became accepted. Christian values and "their God" was replaced by the human as god, god in nature, gods and godesses. These were all taught and welcomed in schools under the name of tolerance. Harry Potter became required reading and the Bible was banned.
What a tragic picture of falling from the place where God was honored and the Bible was the reason for schools. Put away the drugs and alcohol. Put away your desire for things, for the nation that was the greatest producer of all things, has become the nation impoverished, few manufacturing jobs, for we buy things cheaper from our enemies. The nations we buy oil from and all our needs, they hate us and serve Gods opposed to the God of our founding fathers.
There is still a remnant that have not turned from God in our country. There is a remnant that is proud of our flag and what it stands for, our constitution and our freedoms. To these, they truly agree with the motto, In GodWe Trust. We know that God, but many trust in another god. We know that Jesus has made us truly free and that we are citizens of an even greater kingdom. We keep our souls forever and we are sealed to the higher bidder, Jesus has bought us from the devil. A greater price than what is offered on ebay, his own blood shed. Now we belong to Jesus, bought and paid for by the father, through his son. His Son shall gather the souls unto the Father forever and ever, amen.

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