Friday, June 27, 2008

About Chris

Let me tell you about Chris, a  man who comes to our prayer breakfast. He had survived a brain tumor and was full of the joy of the Lord. After 8 yrs it came back, he had surgery for it and woke up in a rehab place after the hospital, all alone. His brain was not working as good, his memory was not so good, but he walked and talked and soon began to play hymns on the piano. He looked around and many people were listening and clapping. While there he saw a man crying and he asked him why. He said I don't know if I am going to heaven. Chris led him to the Lord.
Chris did not know why he was in this place but his light shined and people were blessed. One Sunday the preacher could not come to the church service, so the people in charge asked Chris if he would be the preacher. He had church and there was a big crowd of people. He asked if there was any who wanted to receive Jesus and several raised their hands. I see from this, that even if our natural brain is attacked and injured that the Holy Spirit is greater, the mind of Christ speaks where the natural mind cannot.
Chris is in a local rehab place now and we are bringing him to our Thursday morning prayer breakfasts. He is so happy to be back with his friends. 

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