Thursday, April 13, 2006

Peter's denial of Jesus and grace for grace

Peter lost faith. Jesus spoke often of the importance of in God and in HIM, not self. When Jesus arose and returned to the Father he gave Peter and us what we needed to follow and obey him: The Holy Spirit and GRACE. Grace to receive him and Grace to follow and obey him, Those who only speak the law, have no grace and are unfamiliar with God's Spirit. Law only condemns, including the one who insists that law is all there is. The resurrection and the Holy Spirit within, changes us into Spiritual children of God by Grace we are saved...unto good works: more grace.  Grace for grace.
John 1:16  And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.

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spacecowboy123 said...

I love the part where Jesus says...Go tell My disciples...and Peter. For He knew how Peter felt after that betrayal...How Satan was at work sifting him like wheat. And that betrayal was a powerful thing. Peter said...I do not even know the man!!! And in some ways; I don't know that he had a total grasp of whom Jesus is...until after Pentecost. Then; he was willing to be crucified...even upside down. Oh that we would press know Him in fullness and not follow him afar off. space, out